I Age

This is the time where Bob Cooney lived. A mysterious personae that had a HUGE impact on the resolution of conflicts with Ka’dath and formation of a second hub of humanity called New Ariadne.

Age lasting untill 2600. 2300-2400 – Sol-Ventura conflict.

2490 – I Ka’dath war. After an epic space battle where 95% of Ventura Fleet is annihilated (and one of the Ka’dath ships) Bob Cooney survives by going into a cryo sleep aboard ASS Ariadne(not being able to get out of a mysterious nebula that was created after Ka’dath used some sort of terrible weapon). Not long after this Ariadne Corporation is destroyed. It’s assumed that during this time all data related to coordinates of Sol system becomes corrupted (but it was discovered during second Kadath war).

2524.05.02 – The last known travel destination of Mathias O’Connor.

2580 – II Ka’dath war. The discovery of worldwide data errors related to Sol system.

2586.09.02 – Bob Cooney’s flight to Ventura to save captured Daniel Hunt. Data overload of onboard ASS Ariadne computers (to which ARIADNE doesn’t give access)

2588-2600 – Bob Cooney’s activity in Ventura systems.

2590 – New Ariadne is created by Bob Cooney and Rebeca Flamberge.

I Age

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