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Welcome to the world of Prestarium!

It is the year 2715. Humanity has reached the stars and settled on a number of distant star systems. Earth as we know it today doesn’t exist. It is a myth lost in past conflict. A conflict that was started by a giant corporation that ruled over very Rich and habitable system. The first and ONLY that managed to develop means of faster than light travel. Through its monopoly it controls almost all other systems inhabitated by man. In the past this corporation had many names – the Firm, the Oppressor, the Regime. These were just a couple of names that people gave to it, to describe its rule with an iron fist. But that was many years ago. Today, after more than three centuries of struggle, wars and many sacrifices, it reformed into some sort of corporate republic, where large group of representatives cares for the needs of all humans living in it’s boundaries. Welcome to the world of Ventura.

These are the times that you can play:

I Age encompasses all conflict with Earth, discovery of an alien race called Ka’dath and all conflicts with them. Lasts untill 2600.

II Age begins with formation of New Ariadne. Lasts until the beginning of 2700 (Clones War)

III Age (current) – beginning is marked with ARIADNE leaving Naria in 2700

And I wanted to say two things. Prestarium is not entirely my idea. About 12 years ago i played this homemade system called Prestarium, and i liked the setting name, and the names of races and so i incorporated them into my own chronicle. This setting was inspired by many things – movies(Alien), games(starcraft) and other RPG (homemade). We played over 50+ sessions, with a timespan of couple of hundred years with about 5 people interchangeably, so the history is quite rich. It took us couple of years and many things I don’t remember, but I’ll try to fill the gaps with my imagination.

Home Page

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