Justin Anderson

Young boy


He is athletic and attractive teenager (18y). He is also charismatic and seductive. Had a scholarship in swimming at his school.


Justin Anderson lost his parents when he was very young. During the move from Ventura Prime to Capitol, there was an accident aboard their passenger ship that caused both of them to take lethal dose of radiation. Justin was supposed to come with his grandparents later. When they came, his parents were still alive, but dying. His grandparents promised to take over his upbringing. When he grew, he was arrogant and always at the center of attention at school. He loved to party and he didn’t care too much for study or training (but he was a natural talent at almost everything).
Then one day two men tried to kidnap him. He escaped with help of a mysterious man called Content Not Found: mike-turner. Strange things happened back then, but Justin showed strong character, and managed to go to another star system. There, after some more strange things happened, he arrived at an empty secret base, where he accidentally woke up about a 100 hibernated soldiers that were sleeping for couple of years. After a short confrontation, they told him, that they were waiting for him. But they didn’t expect him to come so soon. they thought that a great man will come and lead them. but instead a boy came.

Justin Anderson

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